Monday, January 17, 2005

Moleskine modality II - Only connect !

It seemed the Moleskine was a version of the madeleine: the dunked tea cake's smell evoked a world in a grain of sand from a taste/smell; the word Moleskine set off a desire to follow a snail trail wherever it led without much fore-knowledge even if a hypothesis.

I am visual: film is more interesting than writing. The frustration is the web has not developed enough for weblogs to be mindmaps + JPEGs. Spider-charts are, to me, the essence of what can be said: an easier way to explain where you have come from and where you think you are going. If two things appear to be connected - you draw the line between them - an idea has been effected: no need for long-winded explanations. If the person "reading" the diagram has similar knowledge to you, the message will get through.

Was it Goethe or E M Forster who used the expression, only connect?

43 was the starting point.


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