Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Rings of Saturn

Checking out the prices at Amazon, I winkled out the journey Sebald took was from Lowestoft to Southwold to Bungay, making my guess that he lived on the Suffolk/Norfolk border even more likely!


A review by Fin Keegan at The Second Circle: " A Reader's guide to modern fiction"

This :Conrad landed in Lowestoft.

Silk reference reminds me of a small Norwich Museum which had a display about silk. Maybe my mind is playing tricks with me.

Guardian obituary of Winfried Georg Maximilian Sebald, writer, born May 18 1944; died December 14 2001

Out of Novemberland: The New York Review of Books: 3 December 1998, Andre Aciman

The Boston Review: review by Edwin Frank

New Directions, Joyce Hackett, associate professor of creative writing at New York University.

Brothers Judd
Piles of links including Chapter I extracts, interviews, essays, profiles

e.g., long extract:

Ch. I The Rings of Saturn

Searching for Sebald: essay due for publication Autumn 2005

Review Robert Macfarlane of posthumous Campo Santos
general look at his ouvre and claim that he would have won the Nobel Prize if he had lived.

With us, without us: in memoriam W.G. Sebald, by Alan Lockwood

Where no friends are buried nor Pathways stopt up
By Thea Abbott in Spiked Magazine: local Norfolk Arts mag.


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