Monday, June 27, 2005

Lev Nussimbaum

Put a link to this character a few months ago - another one of those chance finds. Now there is a book by Tom Reiss, The Orientalist: In Search of a Man Caught Between East and West.

The review by Philip Marsden in The Sunday Times gives pretty much the same sort of detail that I found Googling this, then unknown to me writer of Ali and Nino, which seems for the person with a orientalist bet, to be a must. I particularly like the story about Steinbeck visiting Positano 10 years after N. died there in pain and penury. He was told of "the Muslim who had come to the town to die"
(...shades of Aschenbach) and was "buried with his feet towards Mecca". As Marsden says: "Nobody told JS - because nobody knew - that the "Muslim" had once been a famous writer like himself, author of a great number of acclaimed books and one in particular, Ali and Nino, with all the ironic charm and poignancy of his own Cannery Row."

There is a link to an intro to LN's book at:

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