Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Two books: Andrew Crumely's Mobius Strip and Orwell's Coming up for Air.

took my fancy from the title. If you know what a mobius strip is you are well on the way to guessing what may be in a novel with it in the title. We learn quite soon about a E T A Hoffmann novel, The Life and Opinions of Tomcat Murr, written, other sources tell us, about 1830, under the German title Katr Murr, briefly summarised at

Once finished I checked around to see this way of writing was around a long time ago:

(Nicolas Klim’s Underground Journey)

by Ludvig Holberg (1741) Translation © Dennis List, 2001-2004

The Orwell I hadn't read before. After a false start a month or two ago, I got beyond the first 10 pages on the second attempt (it all a question of mood you know..), to be pleasantly surprised. Listening to Michael Bywater's book being read by Stephen Fry on Radio 4 this week, puts me so much in mind of this. Curious to know at what stage he wrote it, see from Guardian, it was partly written in Marrakesh.


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