Sunday, February 05, 2006

Musil, Mann, Proust

I have side-linked to the fact that Kyristian Lupa made a 9 hour stage adaptation of The Man Without Qualities, in Polish. Surely the best way to do this book? Who knows how much of the text went into the play, but it must have been quite a lot to take that long. And, hopefully, at least 2 intervals.

Even better, the whole thing on radio, word for word. The problem with these complex book is the authors may have written them but it does not follow that they are best read.

Checking around came across an older Budd Parr post:

Impressions on Proust's In Search of Lost Time, Vol. 2

This got me to thinking about the Pinter's The Proust Screen Play, which out to be a way for anyone without the slightest clue how to write a screenplay to make a start.

The other side of it is how many novels mght be lot better if they were written s scripts. probably said that three times elsewhere already.

An adaptation of the Pinter screenplay was made for radio and broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on the 31st December 1995. Proust might have taken to the idea of a script over a novel. True too of Musil and Mann. Many attempts were made to film The Magic Mountain: I am sure there was a film or TV version of sorts. Or did I imagine watching it? Certainly I cannt rememebr a cinema version.

Pinter did not include the maleleine in his version. I wonder why?

Novel, film, radio
Re-listening to the radio version of the Pinter Proust right now it is easy to see the pros and cons of all three media. Radio is surprisingly effective. Radio play in film script format is very effective.

I know people love the writing but this does not mean that what is to be conveyed cannot be conveyed as well otherwise.

At the risk of the laboured: play => film => radio

Though it might seem radio came before film.

Other's on Pinter's Proust Play
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By Stanley Kauffmann
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A N Wilson Telegraph 2/2/04

Memoirs By Humphrey Searle
Search text on "Proust" for some interesting comments on music for the Pinter/Losey script


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