Friday, March 24, 2006

The Philosphy Steamer just out of port

The Philosophy Steamer


Leslie Chamberlain

Obviously a must : have been reading a few Trotskyist weblogs of late (Dave's Part,etc.), mostly in connection with Blair's Dosh, which have led me to a series of fascinating historical essays such as one, which was not meant to be published, by Victor Serge.

I have Men in prison (1930) and Birth of our Power (1931), also seriously yellowing on my shelves, but have never gone beyond flicking through them every five years or so, like an expert card shuffler, hoping for a great paragraph or phrase to set me off.

Darkness at Noon, you are spoilt: => { 2 } { 3 [wikipedia] } { 4 }

wiki:Victor Serge


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