Friday, October 05, 2007

Poetry blog - Mind of Winter

Check the blogroll: you won't find too many poetry sites. But this one, Mind of Winter, by or connected with Michael D. Hoke, which wandered across my path a few days ago, is one I like. Reading bits of that encouraged another return to a book on poetry to make one final effort to get to grips with the most basic terminological/technical aspects which I really know little about, and which never stick.

Though there are various little snippets in my notebooks of what I must have thought to be poetry, those few who have seen examples of my work tell me they don't scan, which is a thing I would never have considered as I scribbled down something which suddenly appeared in consciousness and begged to be preserved.

When I first started looking at Mind of Winter, something convinced me it was a woman. Well, it may be, who can tell. Michael's name is at the bottom. What I like about the site is not being left alone with the poetry: a sign of lack of confidence, true. Reading poetry in tandem: if the other person makes the first comment or analysis, it is easier to add your two-pennyworth.

I once (only once and not again) attended a introductory writing course - to suddenly find yourself the first one to make a remark, with a dozen people listening around a table, is disconcerting: Stephen Potter {2}territory. Envision: Mr. Brown, say, a graying student - probably a retired English teacher by the quality of his prose submissions - chips in quietly after you with something along the lines of "The dominant meter is iambic", when all you have done is impulsively remarked on a pair of lines that had hit the spot.

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