Friday, January 28, 2005

Moleskine modality III

The madeleine is a source, a starting point, a literary device: the reality is in the fiction. In a sense, the Moleskine is my madeleine. But then it is not the same sort of madeleine: more something at the edge of a world I know little of, rather than evoking a whole world, giving entry to it - a little Venn circle attached to a bigger one.

It has become a talisman.

At the beginning, Moleskine, through Chatwin, led to a series of people, things, ideas. Starting at the beginning of something, it has become the beginning of everything:

degrees of separation.

small world phenomena

six degrees of separation

six degrees of Kevin Bacon

six degrees of separation : experiment

six degrees of separation : the movie (1993)


At Wednesday, February 16, 2005, Blogger onionboy said...

I just got my first Moleskine and gave it as a gift with a twist, I will be the one making entries in it for the persom I gave it to. ::thrive!, O {}


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