Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Pundit Towers - Jean Charles Menezes

Straight rip from Blood & Treasure

the origins of tragic errors

The victim was Brazilian, we now know:

It is believed that Mr de Menezes, who is thought to have spoken good English, may have been working illegally in Britain for up to four years. He is thought to have panicked when confronted by armed men as he was about to buy a Tube ticket at about 10am. Witnesses said that he hurdled the ticket barrier, ran down the escalator and stumbled into a carriage.

Three armed officers who pounced on him, might have thought his padded jacket contained explosives. One of them shot five bullets from a handgun into his head in front of horrified passengers.

Now the odd thing is that the Brazilian cops have been known to carry out extra judicial executions of people they believe to be socially marginal, and this may have informed de Menezes’ impulse to run for it.

It’s a tale of globalization. A terrorist technique is pioneered in the Lebanon, mass produced in Sri Lanka and refined in Afghanistan and Iraq before coming to London. In response, the British police take counter-terrorist techniques from Israel which fail – in part and perhaps - because of the victim’s experiences of life in Brazil.


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