Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Paranoia in literature

Decided to put up a side link under this category. Looking for ideas, came across The "scanty plot": Orwell, Pynchon, and the poetics of paranoia by Aron S Rosenfeld, which is pretty comprehensive, though there are a great variety of articles such as:

You lookin’ at me? Paranoia runs deep in Philip K. Dick’s tales and the movies made from them.

Emanuel Swedenborg, Prophet or Paranoid : a long introduction to his life and works and related matters: an education in itself if not exactly on fiction.

Dostoevesky and Psychology though slightly off-beam, in deleving into psycho-analysis and epilepsy, is nontheless useful, a reminder of another reading phase, when I read every book on Dostoevsky including one which went on at length about how he used the device of triangles to concoct his array of characters. True or not, who knows.

Transcript of Waugh's 1960 Face to Face interview with John Freeman at the point where Pinfold is discussed, which is part of
An Evelyn Waugh Website
including a page Evelyn Waugh in his own Words
A few sound bites of this and other programmes including Monitor


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