Thursday, January 12, 2006

Laura Hird

As for her as a writer I have no idea, but Laura's site is what one might call rich. She links to "digital fiction" at Many of these are diverting. Take this

I do regret not having the technical know-how to create interesting looking websites. Although no amount of presentation is going to improve writing, packaging is a large part of the attraction nowadays. How do they learn how to do all this wizardry? I'm not saying a bells and whistles site is essential in order to project writing. But you can see the potential there. A simple example is a section of text, a fiction, with a music overlay. The old-fashioned way was to describe sitting in a room with a Bach cantanta playing in the background. Now we can leave leave three more lines out.

The point though: Is the fancy digital version as effective or more effective? There's nothing to stop the character thinking (in written words) about the effect the music is having on him. What comes to mind is the effect of music in film. Being able to put music or any other sound over digital text is in a sense half way to film. For the text it would have to be a loop to allow for the speed of reading.


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