Monday, March 27, 2006

SHOWCASE The Middle Stage

The Middle Stage

is a beautful looking weblog written by Chandras Choudray. Where it has been secreting itself away who knows, but it has many interesting, substantial posts, which anyone interested in literature and the arts would find worthwile reading.

The latest post covers the artist Amrita Sher-Gil. Each post is usually such a cornucopia.

Javier Marias's Written Lives
, written on 12 March 2006, dealing with Marias' Written Lives (and a mention of RLS's essays which is on the list after Travels with a Donkey, itself essayistic and which, half-way through, has me in its spell...), finishes with a subject which I can't get enough of. Three links. [1] Robert Chandler (interviewed by Marke Thwaite, RSB) [2] "Novels Found in Translation" by J. Peder Zane and [3] "The Mysteries of Translation" by Wendy Lesser.


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