Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ogno giorno uomo hombatto une battaglia hontro se stresso.....

Watching the first part of the DVD version of Shooting the Past made me smile with the way they could summon up a photograph, or a series telling a story, on any subject from the jumble that was the archive. Today looking in a thick ring binder folder for something or other, came across a quote I had remembered the gist of but not the exact words. Memory being what it is, it had transmuted itself in my mind into a 'famous quote', when here from the 1997 newspaper article from which it came -, a travel article by actor Simon Callow on a trip to Tuscany, titled Supping with Brandi - it turns out to be some 60 year old Italian chap being philosophical about life.

There are languages and there are languages to be philosophical in...

Ogno giorno uomo hombatto une battaglia hontro se stresso.....

The given translation was:

....every day is a battle with oneself and every day one dies a little and is reborn a little, and one must live in the part of one that is reborn and not in the part that dies.

Brandimarte said that. He lives - or lived, if he is still in the land of the living - in a town called Il Milione, in Tuscany. Deserves some recognition.


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