Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Virginia Woolf

Realised with a jolt that the essay on love and place was more a novel on love and subjectivity after reading this academic piece by Lisa Marie Lucenti: Virginia Woolf's 'The Waves': to defer that "appalling moment."

The link may not work because this is the full article as the printed version: if not try going back to the abstract at Looksmart

Take that in conjunction with NYT piece today on free will and you have enough to keep the mind a-popping all day!

The waves (etext)

Other VW e-texts at U of Aldelaide Library


And then, not much later, as if there was not enough to be getting on with, a compendium from a Virginia Woolf Seminar under Rose Norman at the University of Alabama.


Later still, as the morning turns into afternoon most pleasantly, recall first Woolf reading was her essay The Moth (a few days ago) and from
her 16 September 1928 diary entry delighted and intrigued to see echoes of my thoughts on writing in the metamorphosis of title from The Moths to The Waves (with no mention of how this happened apart from ...." Moths, I suddenly remember, dont fly by day."


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