Saturday, February 12, 2005

So he says

When I heard, listening to Radio 4 on Thursday, there would be an interview with Kurt Vonnegut at 7pm, I got excited: he is one of my heroes. It was not - as it soon became apparent as I switched on again at 7pm - on the radio but TV. When I turned on the TV, the interview had just finished! Luckily, they repeat the BBC 2 Culture Show later in the evening, so eventually got to see him. Only 10 minutes or so: worth it to hear the plain talking, not dissimilar to recently deceased playwrite Arthur Miller, whose TV interview has been repeated in spippets.

Marek Vit has compiled student essays on Vonnegut, which might be interesting, as one looks back to what one read and thought about him. Would have liked to have been at some of his lectures - - wonder if there are any transcripts.

A flavour of him in Address to Graduating class Bennington College 1970

..the majority of the people who rule us, who have our money and power, are lawyers or military men. The lawyers want to talk our problems out of existence. The military men want us to find the bad guys and put bullets through their brains. These are not always the best solutions - particularly in the fields of sewage disposal and birth control.

In his TV interview he said "Human beings are chimpanzees..." which is in May 10 2004 In Our Times Cold Turkey piece: comments at the bottom.

Kurt Vonnegut Wiki - pretty comprehensive for someone coming to his for the first time
Kurt Vonnegut Links gallore
Kurt Vonnegut interviewed online about Mothernight 22 November 1996
Mothernight the movie - never read this: the review of the film provides a good Dummie


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