Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Mitchelmore on Banville on Houellebecq

Where ignorance is bliss it is folly to be wise: or some variation. Banville's long essay seemed to be the way out for the person who reads more about books than books themselves. Then Steve weighs in with a further critique.

This reminds me: never, never, ever, under any circumstances except pain of death, use "I critiqued it", or, "It was critiqued by....". Please, I beg, plead, implore you. It is an uglyism of monumental proportions and completely unnecessary. Though I have never seen this erstwhile young man {I don't know is he?} using this vile American usage, he somehow brought it to mind with his critique of Banville: such is the mystery of the cerebral cortex.

Steve, like me, has not read Houellebecq, but writes well on him. I guess we all have to read one Houellebecq, but which? The answer is there in Banville/Mitchelmore.


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