Friday, July 08, 2005

Blitts and bobs

The first thing I wanted to do on switching on the PC was to to check to see if Sandra had arrived home safely. No further entry, so wandered to her links to find blitts never read before.

Book Coolie
from which

Ann Quin looks interesting

Reading Ann Quin by Giles Gordon in Centre for Book

is making full use of the pic insert facility in blogspot. Particularly like the book covers. Trouble for me is they begin (vid. Wood's Lot) to predominate for me over the text. If I was forced to choose between looking at pictures and reading what other people write, it would be the former! Did not miss the rather refreshing 'like the cover wonder what the book is like'. Have tried to be totally honest myself about where my ignorance lay.

Actually, pondering about book covers ought to be a fertile ground for post-graduate style researchers - soc. lit., etc - (probably already well covered). And will (er...memetically)son catch on in the blitts: when you want to write something but can't somehow make it jell, put up a picture instead!

Didn't know Bookworm was Sister Earth. A 'Sylvia' made a comment on Montaigne at So many books so thought this might be the Sylvia who has been commenting at Bookworld. Remember seeing this.

Many moons ago - was it in Norfolkskies ? - I posted about how easy to recognise the country of origin of lit. webloggers (US as against UK), and that, in the main, I preferred reading those from my own country because I had more in common with them, through being more able to understand their language, and had a mild dislike for the 100-things-about-myself type of weblogger who had a propensity to systemmatic self-categorise using acronyms, which were then explained at great length. Its not a crime to do either, but you rarely find the British engaging in such disclosure, though to be fair, at a guess it is all about 'projecting oneself in the market' - as an academic or as a business person - which is more common and professionally done in the States.

You can tell someone a lot about yourself by writing about other things. It is inevitable that you will. This makes one think of the sort of prose writing or film-making which seems to explain more by leaving so much out. We know how to fill in the gaps like we know how to see a face or body in a cartoon from a few deft strokes of a pen.

Sometimes it is better to mystify rather than explain. Why should everything need to be explained?


I have not developed a long list of blitt links because they tend to define who you are through who you read: the half a dozen or so blitts there are connect to hundreds of others. Six degrees of separation.


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