Friday, July 08, 2005


You really can listen to audio 'tapes' on Nietzsche and do something else at the same time ! This suddenly occured in the early hours, after listening to the World Service from 4 a.m., then realising I was not going to get back to sleep: the facsimiles of his notebooks I had a quick look at as well made it clear. His thinking was only possible because he wrote it down. No way he would have developed these ideas in conversation. You get a bee in your bonnet, you want to work it through, you don't call a friend, you get a pen and paper and write and write till you can write no more. Nietzsche wrote and wrote and wrote and died, mad, at 43.

The notebooks can be seen at hypernietzsche

Stanford Encylopedia of philosophy : Frederick Nietzsche

wiki entry : Nietzsche

The Perspectives of Nietzsche

On the genealogy of Morals 1887

Reading selection from Beyond Good and Evil

Textbook study questions on Nietzsche from ethics course at

Santayana's critique of Nietzsche


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