Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Even further kinds of understanding

Having shifted ground from an attempt to encourage reading science to questions about what exactly a novel was (partly in order to attempt to demonstrate science permeates literature mostly in the background) this paper popped up via who knows:

Grobstein, P. (2005). Revisiting science in culture: Science as story telling and story revising. Journal of Research Practice, 1(1), Article M1. Retrieved [Date of Access], from http://jrp.icaap.org/content/v1.1/grobstein.html


Though I ought really to re-read this book, it seems The Magic Mountain could be considered to some degree a "science" book with Dr. Krokowski's x-rays and mumbo-jumbo about lungs. Various other descriptions such as Hans being particular with his thermometer.

And in looking up Mann, there seems to be away here of following through the various strands of science in fiction, comparing for example medical over the strictly scientific.


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