Saturday, August 06, 2005

kinds of understanding

Pehaps a bit glib and also maybe pointless - certainly quite old-fashioned - to talk about the artistic mind vs. the scientific mind. Been done a thousand times, though often very eloquently such as from the pen of Jacob Bronowski, but this series of 4 lecturers by one of the greatest scientists, Richard Feynman, ought to be watched by those with a literary or philosophical bent who are yet to to be persuaded by science.

There is also a talk he gave to the National Science Teachers Association in New York in 1966 on science : What is science?

Richard Feynman : The Douglas Robb Memorial Lectures

were delivered in 1979 at the University of Auckland and later formered the basis of
"QED - The Strange Theory of Light and Matter" {1985}. Quantumelectrodynamics .

The sound quality is often poor. Lecturer 1 breaks towards the end leaving the sound to carry on while the picture remains static, but it is possible to move the pointer along to get over this. Best to watch in "theatre mode" which involves clicking on the four-arrowed icon then on x1 at the top left of the player.

Each film is just over 1 hour long and includes a Q&A at the end.


wiki: Richard Feynman

links to wiki : Murray Gell-Mann (another great) -

both worked on wiki : weak nuclear force


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