Saturday, January 21, 2006

meme: Google "bush"

In light of the problem Google is facing with the US govt., might help them if we resorted to typing in "bush", lower case b, for a week or so, to the exclusion of everything else. Hence they could pass on the records which would surely satisfy the willy-worriers about who was looking up what. Or would it?

Just use other engines for your other searches....


More thoughts following this in The telegraph, 21 January 2006:

Google may be forced to hand over details of your searches

By Catherine Elsworth in Los Angeles and David Derbyshire

(1) Look, a database is mostly a problem to you when you don't know what is on it. So Google could provide the data but also publish it on the web. The question being asked is why they keep the info anyway: the answer because it might be handly to someone. They are not going to delete it in real time if it might in someway later add value are they? And hardly anyone would mind if it was used to trap nasty people out there.

(2) People have always been paranoid but the netoweb has made them 50 times more so...and who should blame them.

An example which starts here at Adware report:

Rogue Products: Read Before You Buy

How many of you worry when you download a piece of software which is meant to be doing your computer good that it is either (1) not doing so or (2) doing good plus something else you are not aware of?

Take this : MacAfee Firewall

Don't ask me how to bring in something about books, literary theory, history of literature, the life of the artist in relation to his work, etc, at this point, except to say there must be some budding author writing a novel right now involving his charting the life history of a character with paranoia in the internet age.


Following on my quest for the ultimate review of Friends and Crocodiles Johann Hari does Stephen Poliakoff: The profile, which fills out some gaps for me. Glad to see he called Shooting the Past "his masterpiece". Quite instructive to be be reminded of how much of the man has gone into the works.


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