Sunday, April 09, 2006

Alastair Gray

There is fine balence to be had between checking around for the new and interesting and getting on with something. It is very easy to be unlucky, spending an hour linking here, linking there, linking everywhere, to find not a jot of substance. Yesterdays trawl pleasingly brought up Gray's blog, which I had no idea existed. I like reading about writer's lives: a fault tantamount to a crime against humanity , in the eyes of the uberliterati, it seems.

Rolled Jeanette Winterson under category 'profession writer's blogs', a few months ago, to see how much she gave away: not much. Cards pretty close to chest and promos.

Intriguing to see an unfinished one act play, Goodbye Jimmy, in a 15 March post, wondering if he hopes someone is going to finish it for him. We know they will, whether this was his intention or not.

There is an unofficial Alastair gray website, Lanark 1982


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