Friday, June 02, 2006

Shadow of the Wind

Carlos Ruis Zafón

1st. published in Spain 2002

By page four I was completely hooked. To begin reading a book on the recommendation of someone steeped in the world of the Spanish (a bonus the knowledge of Portugal and Brasil) while in the country of the writer and knowing the country pretty well is as good a conjunction as your are going to get. When you are searching and immediately convinced you have found a few voices for your own writing, even better!

...before I knew what was happening, I had fallen right into it. The novel tells the story of a man in search of his real father....

Before this even, a son's desription of his widowed father, a library and a dead mother, with father promising:

"Don't worry Daniel, I'll remember for both of us."

to the child's:

"I can't remember Mummy's face." I muttered breathlessly.

What greater pleasure is there than to read a novel about novels, bookshops and booksellers?


The question immediately popped up about the use of first person narrative. Was this the model for my project? What were the rules?


Now I have to order my own copy to finish it. But will reading it outside Spain be as effective?

Google on Carlos Ruis Zafon 13 July 2006


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