Friday, May 05, 2006

A bene placito

If there is anyone out there, in the read me sense, there will be some wry amusement at the Latin titles. Without feedback - though I don't lack confidence in judging whether the amused whimsy comes over - it is difficult to be sure. I do not take myself seriously but how can you be sure this comes over in writing? Practice everyday straight after breakfast and get it right. You will know.

I am no linguist (don't go there..) but etymology is a constant joy and fascination as is some of the more easily understandable aspects of lingustics. When I read about the Italian study of two brain damaged patients , one of whom had no vowels or was it consonents as i struggled to understand my son's dyslexia, something seemed to connect about how languages evolved and work.

Languages have become increasingly fascinating to me - someone who was completely swamped at school by the necessity to learn shopping lists of rules. Join in the game: Wikipedia: List of Latin Phrases

Throughout the years as I have slowly recovered from the shock of the way I was expected to learn Latin and French at school - the panic and fear of the finger-point and the request for a declension in a tense I didn't even understand the meaning of: pluperfect? - it has been Latin which holds so much fascination for me. Part of the reason for this is its compactness; the importance of Latin to English goes without me repeating the details.

I was opining yesterday to just acquired new friend on how other nations children are so motivated to learn compared to ours. It seems more and more the large numbers who go through our schools and universities could be more gainfully employed. Go away and learn a couple of languages Ryan, Dean, Tracy, Melanie. I concluded - if we as a nation want to compete, let alone understand the world increasingly passing us by becaise it gets on with the business of earning and living better than us - one of the first things we need to do is make sure as many of our population as is possible are proficient in speaking at least two languages:language is after all in the same technical category as science, technology, computer science, and finacial which are the mainstay of our mainly service economy.

You are restricted in your access to information and knowledge on which your propects are determined if you are relying on your native language. Though all languages are taught through a socio-litarary filter, which is quite natural, it is noentheless a technical skill, a tool to a greater objective. Most children remain interested in learning to speak other languages when other subjects are becoming a drag. This natural inclination ought to be taken advantage of. Where are the language academies?


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