Thursday, April 20, 2006

SHOWCASE growabrain


This is the 'books and literature' page of this compendiblog. There's everything there as can be seen from the blogroll. He's got generic cinema and a set of more specific ones, such as cinema - The Godfather.

Rooted from his profile that he wrote, maybe even continues to write, poetry in Hebew:
Between Geography & Mescaline
which tells you a bit. Wish I ould read Hebrew. You need to learn at least three languages from as early as you can, I think. Most of our early education could be scrapped in favour of language training. If people are popping round the world nowadays, how can they grasp other cultures with being able to speak the languages they were formed in? I am trying Spanish but it is a slog grinding away the vocab.

There are sorts of links of interest in grow-a-brain, many of which you can miss but come across another time. He uses his weblog to attract people to his main site which is his real estate business.


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