Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Notes on an essay: Love and Place

....the thoughts on screenplay are about more than that: the only way love and place truly works is through lived memory itself - not recollection in text, to be pedantic - since that's where the emotions are so inextricably linked to thoughts. Though someone like Proust has wonderfully imitated memory in text, nothing can substitute for the real thing because of how the mind works at many levels at once, cognitively, emotionally, psychologically (i.e. the tricks it can play). Parallel over in series, although it works in series too, to use an electrical engineering analogy.

And: memory evoked with someone else present. You are the only one who can feel it authentically, but if someone else was there at the time, then there is another set of emotions to add to the mix. Reading an essay comparing Lessing with Woolf, amused to see how L and her brother in later life trying to conjure up youth in Zimbabwe, just couldn't, with broth saying he just couldn't remember!

And of all the books on the mind that ought to be re-studied a bit to help, it is Dennett's Consciousness Explained which comes to mind.


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