Thursday, February 17, 2005

Radio Goo-Goo, Radio Gaa-Gaa

Wonderful! Wonderful!

(A third wonderful might be too wonderful, perhaps.)

Inordinate pleasure to recommend a listen to Radio 4's [Thursday, 17 February 2005] 'With Great Pleasure' with John Seargent, former BBC political correspondent, now famous for reporting in Paris [1979?], during the putch-removal of Thatcher from power. Seargent, unaware Maggie was coming down the stairs behind him...

Readings among others:

* Alan Bennett's: 40 Years on (the T E Lawrence bit)

* Waugh's: Scoop (Boot gets it...)

* A Simenon "Maigret" (A very good description involving Maigret et, par fois ( une fois n'est pas une costume...), Madame Maigret walking and observing.)

* Heller's Catch-22 (Yos[s]arian death-bead scene)(Good in the film, too.)


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