Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Bits and bobs

What possible use could I have for an online stop-watch? Try it when you start surfing. If you get the feeling you should be doing something else more useful, check time elapsed. Stop clock, select count down. Return to surfing allowing clock to return to zero. Guess when you think it has returned to zero. Check. If it gets there before you, it flashes. Why not try the record button in between webpages?


George Monbiot is well known to British audiences as an environmentalist. In A Life with no purpose, a brief and pointed essay, he runs through some Bush and Intelligent Design, but side tracks into mentioning the language of the Piraha people of the Brazilian Amazon, which is fascinating of itself. He finishes with a short quote from Auden's The Dog Beneath the Skin, which doesn't seem to be online in full, which is pity because I would love to read it.


Ian Peacock's BBC Radio 4 series on creativity sounds rather good from episode I.


A list of fallacious arguments, from Don Lindsey, reminds me (and perhaps should be coupled with) Schopenhauer's 38 ways to win an argument {paraphrased} from The Art of Controversy.

Another 'translation' here which happens to mention Schopenhauer's father was a novelist.


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