Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Other blitts and Iraqi bits

Decided the other day to slowly order my blogroll blitts by frequency of use. Though it is going to be piece-meal and I have also decided you don't need many to get to all the one's you like - six degrees of separation.

Wood's Lot will always be at the top from now on. Anticipating a wonderful painting or photograph is a delicious pleasure. I need a picture like some people like a tonic. Today's Cartier-Bresson monochrome is so wonderful I feel 50% better already. That makes 125%.


Though not really the place I have designated to discuss the Iraq war, Mark has put up several Cindy Sheehan links, which seem to need a rational response. I do not have any strong feelings about Anti-War protests, as long as no one gets trampled to death.

Mrs. Sheehan's son enlisted in the U.S. Army and was taught to kill and be killed. He got killed. So it goes. Her deep sorrow with which I fully sympathise and empathise - I have a son of my own, now a man, who I love and can easily imagine in the same situation - is perfectly o.k. channelled into hatred of her supreme leader. I would respect her more if she had started camping outside Bush's Texas retreat in 2002, or even 2001, when the talk of war started.

Seeing on t.v. footage Joan Bias singing under the Texas sun threw me back in a flash to my era - the 60s. Remember the one they said you knew you were in if you recalled nothing about it? Thought she was dead and buried, too.

Frank Rich's piece gets to many nubs. It was not the invasion of Iraq but the way they did that is the and will be the problem. The Stars and Stripes in Fidor Square? I have adumbrated thia many times in Baghdadskies and Badghdadskies2 .

Who was it who struggled inland across Panama during the Spanish conquests? I can't think of a name. Torquemada sounds right but was responsible for the Inquisition, I see here. His story is very interesting with the the concept of sangre limpa. Who ever it was, maybe Pizarro, inevitably his part played by a dishevalled Klaus Kinski. Herzog's Fritzcarraldo.....do you need a greater metaphor? Hacking through the jungle, which you have no knowledge of, carrying a bloody great boat.

I long for the news that someone has written a very good novel on this debacle (any offers of synonyms which could replace debacle - what else can you say? Mess? ) which both shows the nadir and nemesis of the U.S. and demonstrates the failure to understand, by the instigators of globalisation, exactly what the concept means. As well as trade it ultimately means people all round the world are perfectly capable of knowing what is going on, even Iraqis.

From old posts in Baghdadskies sites you will see I lived there, so couldn't possibly think the way Bush thinks about this benighted country (Iraq - but it could be America too couldn't it?).


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