Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I said that.....

Watched the Scorsese Bob Dylan films but still wanted someone else to come to a conclusion for me, which Mark Hudson has done in his Bob Dylan: a poet and a poseur. There, I've said it...

How stupid I felt in the early 70s, when sitting in a summer garden talking with an beautiful, unattainable woman, I threw out that I didn't like him because I couldn't get the words and didn't like his voice. I was told "But he's a poet!". Since I have a distinct blind spot on the poetry front, both getting and appreciating little of it (a big hole..) I was not in a position to say whether he was a poet or not.

After the documentaries which filled me in on so many of the lyrics, after years without them, I decided both that I was now prepared to listen to his versions of the well-known songs (double CD now in all good music stores) that others recorded, but also to read the words carefully. However, I too noted the rap-simple rhyming on the films which was good qua pop but could in no way be said to have any connection with the dense and complex poetry we are told is Good. However, taken with the voice and the music, they work for the most part. Its a shame someone couldn't (even him) say that you can't always come up with good stuff. And Bob Dylan produced quite a lot of mediocre to crap songs too.


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