Saturday, September 03, 2005


One subject that everyone has an opinion on is their teachers...

I might write a little piece on this later. There might be a rule: "The older you get the more you think about your teachers".

This, Inspirational Quotes for Teachers and Learners, is


I can't be the only person who has been through primary, secondary, and yes, tertiary education without really having knuckled down to the grammatical rules of language. I do remember doing all that sentence (clausal) analysis without really understanding most aspects of all the parts of speech. When I started studying a foreign language (French), at the age of 10, that was what was missing: knowing definitions of the parts of speech and tenses. Why I should have been expected to start another language without having theses facts to hand (no one asked me if I knew them) is a mystery. I do remember the panic and dread at the expectation my rather frightening French teacher might ask me conjugate in the pluperfect. Past, present, future, o.k.

Why is that young kids suffer in silence about their educational insufficiencies? If I had told my father I didn't understand the basics of language, I am sure he would have made sure I did.

Here, a belated solution (albeit probably U.S. and limited by my inability to learn anything involving lists) to my ongoing linguisitic ignorance :

Online English grammer

And why is this one more useful than the millions of online (or offline) grammers? Bbecause it gives an example for every definition. We live by association....


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