Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Kuhn: Structure of Scientific Revolutions

The I-Web is a place where you are constantly confronted with your ignorance. True have been crossing philosophy sites recently. Never going to read all that stuff: Socratic dialogues et al.

Stuff: a fine word but overused. However, it seems to be a word I'm locked into using at every opportunity. Perhaps one has key words to lard text to ensure no one mistakes one's national origin. Stuff can be hard work. Because of the tiddlywiki business, well exemplified by Elise Springer I see how little philosophy I actually have read. And how much I would need to tackle. Perhaps they ought to train you early on to recognise this as they might tell you "fear of death is intransitive." All helps.

I've got books which explain Kuhn's paradigm shift, but have never tackled the source. Here is an Outline and Study Guide by Professor Frank Pajares, Emory University which will be useful (if itself correct). Plus chapter 9 transcribed by by Andy Blunden.


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