Saturday, September 17, 2005

There's the Life and there's the Art...

Funny, mad: Werner Herzog: possibly true


Intriguing, informative, surprising: The Secret life of Arthur Ransome, BBC2 TV

So it was not just Swallows and Amazons but also:

The Crisis in Russia

Russia in 1919

Six Weeks in Russia
7 contemporary reviews

Interesting, varied sources at Arthur Ransome Literary Pages

Contemporary reviews of Old Peter's Tales, written when he was in Russia.

A note in some forum or other on Ransome's politics, which gave another forum in The Scarlet Standard discussing some of the details from his MI5 files.

Arthur Ransome pictures including book covers and other extraneous.

The most fascinating facts were his talking to Lenin and meeting Trotsky's secretary, Evgenia Shelepin who he eventually brought out of russia and married, and his closeness to all the Bolshevik leaders who he saw cut down by the subsequent waves of terror from a safe distance.


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