Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Gentle circumspection ?

Bipolar Guy's latest post pretty much covers it for the blog community.

There is way, which I have tried to adopt, to treat a blog as a kind of commonplace book rather than diary. Hence Moleskine Modality: an expensive notebook to check your wilder excesses.

Many find essays the way round it. No one who writes wants to give all their ideas away. Some are obviously not unique: it is the very necessity to choose which decided what is what: I might have kept the character typology diagram, below,to myself, but having someone to say they find it useful outweighs the desire to keep mum!

Think of a conversation you have with a stranger in a supermarket. You bump into her trolly. The dual apology echoes. You smile and make a lame joke about driving licences and sides of the road. She does not smile but responds with a few well chosen phrases before moving on. A gentle circumspection, not a complete brain exchange.


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