Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Podcasting on

Interweb radio has been a large part of my broadbandified experience because I can listen as well as write. The BBC has been a favourite since it is so good on the talk side, but there are myriad others. U.S. stations can be very good on science talks.

You'd have to be blind not to notice the number of sites which have the technouse to incorporate podding into their posts. Though I've avoided it like the plague because it is easy to spend half a day on something like this, just to understand what it is about and the basics of how to include one.

Through the good services of the Telegraph blogs today came across odeo

It seems only right to share it with my fellow readers and writers.

Note at this page in odeo there is a side list of various categories currently available. Of course, anything you record and link to your site is also generally avaible through the odeo page itself. It can only bring more traffic to your blog.

Those of you who do really good reviews will I feel sure be keen to adopt this technology. I hope you will, because listening to a review while doing something else at the same time seems like the essence of ICT.


My dream has been of a very high-tech, shiny metal, smoothly articulated armature fixed above the bedhead which allowed me to type into the upsidedown laptop from the pillow while listening to the world service, with the added advantage of being able to push the computer up and out of the way with a gentle sweep of the arm in the moments just before sleep intervenes.


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