Thursday, January 04, 2007

Film on Virginia Woolf

If you missed The Hours on TV last week you certainly were enjoying the holiday. I looked up stuff afterwards on Cunningham and the novel and then slowly ended up on Virginia herself. But here is the prologue to The Hours.

It is fun to play with titles: this is really part of the last post. I haven't read the novel yet, but am certainly keen to to compare it with the film. Here in this short extract is a film being written. In the film sequence of this section she thinks nothing, but strides, if we are allowed to say it, manfully out of Monk's House [ yes, it was the actual house], through the garden gate, and out across fields. But she doesn't really stop to look at clouds reflected in puddles or even the sky itself as far as I could remember. She was at the rivers edge picking up a stone pretty sharpish: these film wallahs like to do everything by the stop-watch.

Wonder how Pinter would have written the screenplay.


Sister First: Virginia and Vanessa

Michael Cunningham talking about his book, The Hours.

Even better:

1h. 38m. of audio from an evening celebrating Virginia Woolf sponsored by PEN in March 2000

[Need to be registered with NYT to access]


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