Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Moleskine Modality doesn't work in IE

I've said this before. Decided to put up a periodic message to those who might be wondering why there are no side links in this site.

If you view Moleskine Modality in Internet Explorer, you will not get the benefit of the side links. It was created within FireFox, which may explain it, or else I just don't understand the settings in IE.

Whatever is the case, if you want to see the whole site then view it in FireFox. For those of you who didn't know - and many don't - you can run different browsers at the same time and toggle between them, so there is no need to shut down one browser to load another. If you don't have FireFox, why not try it as well as your current browser.

One problem in using two browsers: if you are an assiduous collector of bookmarks/Favourites you might end up saving some in one browser and some in another. Plus of course running two browsers takes up more of your precious RAM.


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