Thursday, September 29, 2005

online biology course

There has been a shift in this writing to science, but this does not mean my interests in novels, films and so on, has waned, just that I feel the need to think and learn about science, following from the notion that people who read fiction tend to ignore non-fiction, especially science. If avid fiction readers try non-fiction it seems mostly biography,history or current affairs. The biography of a scientist, say Einstein or Darwin, might be tackled because of the life outside science.

That's why it seems obvious arts students beginning at high school, and following through in their tertiary education, ought to do {or, would benefit from} a few units in history of science. By the same token no one should leave a university without being reasonable proficient at statistics, simply because attempting to understand the world is more difficult without it.

A biology online course brought to my attention from a website I have never seen before, ChannelIM, is all one might need to catch up as an adult, or for the teenage children who are finding the textbooks a but dull:

Discover Biology

It is up on the sidebar under resources.


Usual mixture of pleasure and mild excitement when a secondhand book store ot charity shop turns up a few cheap papersbacks which I actually want to read.

Biography: Richard Ingram's Muggeridge, first pubished in 1995. Wanted to fololw through the Hitchens attack on Mother Teresa, hoping there might be some reference there (though unlikely).

Fiction: George Orwell's Coming Up for Air, with a short note on the text by Peter Davison, explaining its history. I had written a too lengthy and much' dependent on source material' paper for the school literary society, which everyone knew when I read it out was not my thinking, but at least read piles of books by and on Orwell in my late teens. Though not much since.

This out to go into my first sentance website:

The idea came to the day I got my new false teeth

But is this a good or bad one?


Telegraph, 30 September 2005 :

How dying Orwell avoided the clutches of the taxman
Ben Fenton


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