Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Five Walking Tours of Proust's Paris

There are now several links up for potential Proustians like me. The tours look good fun: another excuse to enjoy Proust without actually getting round to reading him.

BBC Radio 4 are running an adaptation: part 4 next sunday. Don't know if on the Web, but probably a good way in. The dialogue is pin-sharp, well spoken by a set of well-known British actors. A bit present-day colloquial in parts.

Neville Jason, the British actor, has himself done a talking book [Naxos? I won't bother till it comes out on CD] which has been well spoken of. He does all the voices. Remember seeing him up here at his holiday home walking around with great wads of paper, which I had no idea at the time were part of the great work which he was preparing for recording. Whether it is abridged or complete, Je n'est ce pas, mais il peut-etre une way in to Swann's way, as they say in Franglais.

Once I have re-read Le Grande Meaulnes, this might be the time to start. Getting a lot of the background from Stuart Hughes' Consciousness and Society is also having the desired effect. It is a ready useful book, easy to read and virtually jargon free.


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